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Oscar Frazier, Chief Technologist & Co-Owner of nDemand Consulting, launches his new brand as Speaker, Trainer, & Coach

nDemand Consulting
October 27, 2021

Oscar has set a goal to positively impact 100,000 people by 2025. He believes that many individuals have not reached their full potential simply because they have not had someone to remove the mental roadblocks that separate the good from the exceptional. Oscar's message will remain - "You can do it, with what you have."

From global corporate teams, small start-ups, to individuals, Oscar uses the many facets of his life experiences to accelerate people to the next level.

With the mantra "You can do it, with what you have" as the leading emphasis for Oscar Frazier's new speaker, trainer, and coaching brand, the world can expect a unique spin on professional development, disruptive technology, and emotional intelligence.

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