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Podcast Appearance: Oscar and Kiya Frazier on How ‘Couple-preneurs’ Can Be Successful

nDemand Consulting
June 24, 2021

Oscar and Kiya Frazier were still in corporate life — Oscar in project management, Kiya in marketing — when they started nDemand Consulting. But when, within a few months of their wedding they both lost their jobs, they decided to do the “entrepreneurial thing” full time and, as Oscar puts it, “have not looked back.” Today nDemand Consulting brings ideas into reality, shapes brands to be instantly recognizable and takes concepts from ideation to launch. A division of their company — KO Thought Leaders — advises couple-preneurs on topics such as building a stress-management plan, trust and respect boundaries, optimizing your combined efforts, avoiding communication breakdowns and the art of unplugging.

ATLANTA June 21, 2021

In this podcast we talk with Oscar and Kiya Frazier, a husband and wife team who have found a way to work together successfully in their own business. They share with us how they became a “couple-preneur,” how they lost nearly everything and how they were able to rebuild a thriving business with two very different facets. Their nDemand Consulting business, which specializes in global crisis management and business efficiency, has a division called KO Thought Leaders. This division helps couples in business develop structure and strategies that nurture the balance between business and home.

Even if you’re not part of a “couple-preneur,” you’ll find our discussion with Oscar and Kiya helpful if you’re ready to do something different in your career … leaving the corporate world and looking at the next chapter of your life … or thinking about the legacy you want to leave.


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