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Podcast Appearance: Oscar and Kiya Frazier Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

nDemand Consulting
June 24, 2021

Now, this one was fun! There are clues that a VEER is coming…pay attention. Learn about some of the stressful events that took place over the course of Oscar and Kiya's building of nDemand - from losing everything to rebuilding again.

ATLANTA June 21, 2021

Oscar and Kiya Frazier have achieved the dream of successfully starting and running their own business, nDemand Consulting. As CEO of nDemand, Kiya is a charismatic growth and strategy expert known for bringing ideas into reality and ambitiously shaping brands to be instantly recognizable. Oscar, the Chief Technologist, is a full-scale product creator, taking concepts from ideation to launch.

Oscar and Kiya Frazier Vroom Vroom Veer Stories

  • Kiya always wanted to be an entrepreneur but was stuck in Federal/Corporate job space; it wasn't until she re-connected with Oscar that she started to believe she could really create a business
  • Oscar was a wild man in college and was friends with Kiya but there wasn't any romance; they kept in touch and circled back and started dating after college
  • They were both working in federal space and planning to start a business together; then Kiya was suddenly let go 2 days after their honeymoon; ok, plan B is Oscar still had a job; so Kiya could start working on the business
  • 3 months later Oscar had to let go of his whole corporate team because of budget cuts; then after he personally fired his entire team–he was let go too!
  • So now they had no income and wanted to start a business; do we gets jobs? Nope, let sell a business plan for $300
  • Stumbled into International Crisis Management teaching journalist in crisis areas in Africa how to cool off the flames of conflict with calming tone and language
  • Learned that when you work in business with your spouse you need boundaries; you need to keep the bedroom the bedroom; talking about business at home is ok, but after dinner time it's time to unplug from business


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