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Eliminating adversary propaganda & disinformation

via large-scale crisis management & prevention training.
The major global changes between 2019 to 2020 has taught the world that their crisis management plans did not factor in a world pandemic.
So what do we do now?

We are providers of safe & comprehensive global crisis management training and logistics management.

Our team works directly with agencies and firms with a global emphasis specific to countering violent extremism (CVE), counter-terrorism, and superimposing best practices around media communications, journalism, and remediating potential chaotic scenarios. We have conducted large-scale crisis management and prevention training across the continent of Africa, including Luanda (Angola), Huambo (Angola), Djibouti City (Djibouti), Nairobi (Kenya), Mogadishu (Somalia), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), and Goma North Kivu (The Democratic Republic of the Congo) for the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM).

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Minimize, Train, Scale.

We Minimize Chaos by implementing research backed methods to prevent and de-escalate crises across global communication channels in both non-hostile and hostile locations.

We Train Effectively by helping organizations establish and maintain trust by sharing industry best practices and useful resources applicable across various crises.

We Scale Globally because crises can arise anywhere, for a myriad of reasons. We provide scaled and customized training built to address and mitigate different types of crises.

Focus Areas:

Program Management:
• Agile Development (Software; Product)
• Atlassian Suite Implementations
• Sentiment Analysis (Artificial Intelligence)

Logistics & Planning:
• Training Coordination
• Countering Violent Extremism
• High Stakes Media Communications
• Hostile Political Election Journalist Training

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Program Management | Logistics & Planning.

Day 1 expectations when working with us: 
We are accustomed to learning the "lay of the land" before entering into foreign territory to provide training, program management, or logistics & planning. As a result, day one activities include a deep dive conversation into the foreign territories' customs and communication authorities. We learn about the hierarchical structure, and work with native-speaking project coordinators to execute all logistical requirements.

How we manage the engagement:
We handle every aspect of training development, travel, logistics at boots on ground, native-speaking coordinators, live trainers to administer the training (in the native language), post-training surveys, training completion certificates for the trainees, and final reports (i.e., to include itemized receipts, lessons learned, etc.).

Outcome to expect:
Clients can expect a safe and comprehensive training for attendees. Because the training curriculum is high stakes and little room for error, we take every aspect seriously. The training, program management, or logistical coordination we provide can very well save lives.

Case studies
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“The very thought of the word ‘crisis’ tends to spur a sense of panic,” Frazier says. “Even so, it’s wise to take emergency situations head-on and with a laser focus. Any crisis management plan that tries to take on too much, or otherwise veers away from the actual and core crisis at hand, is one that’s likely to fall short at best or, worse, fail altogether.”

-K Frazier

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“When people panic, they tend to inflate or deflate factual data to fit their own needs, desires, agenda, or gut instincts,” Oscar Frazier adds. “This is the single biggest mistake a company in crisis can make, since processing data objectively is key. Situation analysis requires taking a cold, hard look at realities and making even the most difficult—if not painful—of decisions to get back on a recuperative course.”

-Oscar Frazier

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Program Management | Logistics Federal Clients

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Oscar Frazier

Chief Technologist | The "Visionary"
“Technology is our key to understanding this world...and the many worlds around us.”

For over two decades, Mr. Frazier has been fortunate and blessed to lead a very successful career within the public and private sectors, focusing on business development, executive management, and consulting. Mr. Frazier has experience ranging from managing $30MM+ consulting portfolios, owning/operating a 12,000+ square-foot restaurant with over 150 employees with $1.4MM annual sales, to fostering efficiencies and process improvement for small, medium, and large organizations.

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Program Management | Logistics & Planning

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