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Magazine Cover Feature: Oscar Frazier featured in Total Prestige Magazine as the December Cover Story

nDemand Consulting
December 6, 2021

Frazier has achieved success in crisis management with nDemand Consulting. Along with wife Kiya, the couple are thriving and allowing private and public organizations to excel. Now, Frazier is taking a step into the speaking, training, and coaching sector. He aims to impact individuals and help them achieve their own goals in business and life.


Featuring Oscar Frazier

The term ‘Global Crisis Management’ may not be familiar to many people, but it is an area that is very well-known to Oscar Frazier, co-founder of nDemand Consulting Services. Frazier is an expert in crisis management and, along with wife Kiya, runs one of the premier organizations focused on combating crises.

According to Frazier, Global Crisis Management is combating crises and decreasing the collateral damage inflicted by a crisis by preparing those in leadership positions to effectively communicate with the masses without inciting chaos. nDemand Consulting has worked with a variety of private and public organizations.

Find out about Oscar's journey through childhood to the man he's become today...

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